Karia Developers

Building Homes with trust

Established in 1983, Karia Developers has been a force to reckon with in the real estate sector in India. Over the course of 35 years of our operations under the brand name 'Konark', we have constantly redefined the urban landscape through a host of residential and commercial projects.

Inspired by the iconic Konark Wheel, it is our endeavor to think future and create projects that awe and inspire.

One of our core strengths is our unparalleled eye to detail. We create projects that impeccably and optimally meet our client’s needs, address the safety concerns and give an incredible experience of luxury and comfort. We relish in traversing that extra mile to come up with spaces that add value to life.

To live up to our own lofty standards, we work with the top talent in the industry, for instance the famous Hafeez Contractor, who is ranked among the most iconic contemporary Indian architects. Hence, you can be assured of quality and a distinct identity with each of our projects.

Building magnificent structures is empowered by our complete operational transparency which is an essential ingredient of our work ethic. We believe in ethics being vital to success and have an unbiased, fixed rate policy that has made us win the trust of our clients for over three and a half decades.

Our Specialization


Karia is best known for being a brand that has constantly come up with world class Super Luxury, Luxury and Affordable Luxury homes. Whether you prefer opulence, peaceful and serene environments, homes with international luxury features for the cost conscious or safe and comfortable budget homes for the aspiring Indians, Karia offers you homes as per your need.


Karia has various futuristic and world class commercial projects that are created with an aim to meet and exceed the needs of various businesses, professionals, start-ups and shop owners. It is our endeavor to facilitate the business growth of all the occupants of our commercial buildings.

Built to Suit

Quality and international standards of construction are Karia’s hallmarks. Our residential and commercial projects have given us vast expertise in the domain and we are ready to use this expertise to create custom buildings for you. We have the required know-how to offer top notch built-to-suit solutions for any of your requirements.

Meet Our Directors

Making Your Dream Home Come True
Nitin Karia

Mr. Nitin Karia is the founding father of Karia Developers. He is a self-made man and has led the company from its inception to the position of a prominent player in the real-estate market. His exhaustive and invaluable experience in every aspect of the business and unshakeable principles, have given a solid foundation to the company. Mr. Nitin Karia has keen understanding of the needs of his clients. It is his ability to create a harmony between client needs and aspirations that has made Karia Developers a highly acclaimed and trusted name.

He has a great eye for detail and is uncompromising even on the finer nuances and the intricacies of each project. He strives to make every project stand out from the crowd and raise the benchmark of excellence.


Mr. Samit Karia has been a long-term partner at Karia Developers. He has wholeheartedly embraced the rich legacy with renewed zeal and vigor. After he completed his MBA, Samit further opted to study entrepreneurial management from the University of Cambridge. Today, the dynamic entrepreneur is spearheading the gen next of a deeply entrenched and highly reputed family enterprise. A quick observation of Samit’s mannerism is adequate proof of his smartness, dynamism and humble behavior.

Samit is a perfect amalgamation of deeply imbibed family values and modern mindset. Samit Karia has a great grip on the pulse of real estate in India and he relentlessly follows the evolving trends in the construction industry all over the world.

Resource planning, construction management etc. are some areas that Samit pays greater attention to and he is always conscious to minimize the damage caused to the environment.